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Bearin’s (bâr'ĭns)—When you’re on the water, the act of figuring out where you are and what’s going on is known as “getting your bearings.” The same applies to life itself. In the Northeast, we often don’t fuss around with the letter “g” at the ends of our words. Therefore, “Bearin’s”—which has been the name of a column in Commercial Fisheries News for over 20 years.

        This is an author-selected sampling of those columns, the best of his unique blend of humor, wry observations, and personal reflections on life. While originally written for a fishing audience, Brian Robbins’ columns encompass characters, situations, and themes bound to resonate with all readers.  He'll make you laugh, maybe even shed a tear, and definitely leave you wanting more.

What People are Saying:

“I invite you to put your hand on the cover of this book, close your eyes and see if you can feel its heart beating. If you do, then try laughing a bit, too. Now you’re in the spirit of Brian Robbins, telling his tales that will make you laugh so hard you’ll have to lay down on the couch, but eventually he’ll also get you right where it counts as you feel his spirit in the depths of your heart.”     

—Randy Olson, Ph.D. (a.k.a. “Doc Urchin”); scientist-turned-filmmaker; author of Don’t Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style 207-922-8435 P.O Box 3655, Brewer, Maine, 04412 USA

ISBN 978-0692337110

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Customer Reviews:

“Enjoyable Read !” As a resident of down east Maine, I see the characters and places that Brian Robbins writes about on a daily basis. He sure knows what he is writing about. —S. Canzona

“A Great Read !” I have just finished Brian's book. It made me laugh out loud, brought tears to my eyes, and was generally enjoyable, just as the jacket promises. In addition, I feel like I have begun to know him, even though we've never met. It's so 'salty', I just loved it. He sounds like a wonderful partner, and clearly adores you, Tigger! Please tell him he has a big fan!— A Friend of Tigger

“Great downeast Maine fishin, laughs and truths” I Brian has helped us by putting his columns written for the Commercial Fisheries News in one place. A great selection of laughter (at ourselves and neighbors) but also a glimpse of life on the working waterfront of downeast Maine. My father, an industrial salesman would buy books like Brian's to give to his customers and receptionists at the mills he called on. People always thanked him. I thank Brian for taking the time to share his thoughts and generous heart shown in Bearin's. —linklind

“Get Your Bearin’s !” I never read the columns, not being a subscriber to Commercial Fisheries - I am not a fisherman, in fact I am death to a fishing expedition. But I have enjoyed Bearin's simply as a book. Although each chapter is as tasty and ripe as a Maine September apple, taken together the book is more like a find of June raspberries - each one demands the next. Brian Robbins relaxed but distinctive voice consistently delivers character over caricature, affection without sentiment, timeless themes set firmly in present time, with the expected and the unexpected delivered with equal aplomb. In every chapter, there is a sense of place so vivid it goes beyond mere observation into sheer love. If you want to feel the Maine fishing community, get your Bearin's.—T. Myers, Scarborough, ME.

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Click on the book cover to the right to hear part of a WERU radio interview with Brian Robbins and hear Mr. Robbin’s reading some of the book.